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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
  JLA/AVENGERS #1 Tops 200K
Newsarama is reporting that retailer orders for JLA/AVENGERS #1 broke the 200K mark. In today's market, that strikes me as a good number for a prestige-format book carrying a $5.95 price tag, but I'm also wondering how many copies of this comic have actually made it into readers' hands. Out of curiously I searched for "JLA/AVENGERS" on eBay and I got back several results for lots offering multiple copies of #1. I'm worried a lot of those numbers might be due to speculators buying copies in bulk, thinking they can sell copies at a profit. Since the first issue was printed by Marvel, perhaps there is some money to be made in gouging fans who missed a copy of #1 at their local shop. But I don't remember reading anywhere that JLA/AVENGERS #1 has sold out at the publisher level, so couldn't on-the-ball retailers still get more copies of the first issue? 
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