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Friday, November 07, 2003
  Epic Struggles
Newsarama is reporting that all unreleased Epic titles will now be collected into a single anthology.  I'm not sure how the average Marvel fan will react to this, but I think it's a great idea.  For whatever reason, I'm generally drawn to anthologies.  I think I like the variety and value:  It's usually a good way to sample several series for less than it would cost to buy them individually.  Depending on the price/page count (not mentioned in the Newsarama piece), I may actually get this.  I'm not sure how long the anthology series will last, though.  Despite the frequent online cries for more diverse packaging (such as thick anthologies of all-new material), the Direct Market never seems to support such format experimentation.  Worse, Marvel itself bestows the stink of death on the Epic anthology by suggesting there may not even be a second issue.  Way to inspire enthusiasm in your product, Marvel.  Maybe those Dejemasification theories are correct after all. Any bets on what the next variation on the Epic projects will be? ("We've decided to scrap the anthology; now Epic will be released as a series of limited-edition Dynamic Forces prints.")
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Iron Fist

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