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Monday, April 05, 2004
  Now More Than Ever
I've always relied on "Previews Review" type columns when assembling my monthly comic order, and now I'm going to look to their guidance even more:  I've just learned that my online retailer is going to raise the minimum monthly order required to qualify for a free Previews.  (The threshold used to be $50, but you now have to spend at least $125 to get a free Previews.)  Sure, they're making Previews available for purchase for only $2, but I really have no interest in paying anything for a catalog that I'm going to throw away once that month's order is submitted.

The only down side to not getting Previews anymore is that it was kinda fun to page through, and not only to laugh at whatever T&A Jim Balent happened to be drawing that month.  Plus, there was usually something I would find that looked interesting, something I had no knowledge of beforehand.

So now I'm going to be even more dependent on all the helpful online resources that offer up their takes on what looks good in PreviewsJohanna Draper CarlsonLaura GjovaagAugie De Blieck JrNinth Art's "Things to Come"The Fourth Rail's "Down The Line" (which this month arranges picks in more egalitarian alphabetic order).  Comic Readers.  And of course, Previews Review.  Just one request to everyone:  Please, please, please make sure your write-ups occur in a timely fashion (meaning: before orders are actually due).  As someone who mainly gets his comics online, it's considerably less useful to learn about interesting-looking books after I've already submitted my order.  And to all of you who do these sort of write-ups, thanks for continuing to slog through this behemoth of a catalog in order to find the books that might otherwise go overlooked.
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Iron Fist

by John Jakala

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