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Thursday, September 18, 2003
  Only 200K?
Over at Monitor Duty, Michael Hutchison raises some good points about the sales figures for JLA/AVENGERS #1. Although I still think 200K is an impressive number for the direct market in its current state, Michael's right that there hasn't been much mainstream attention for this series yet. Perhaps if Wonder Woman were sporting another new haircut, or different shoes or something—perhaps then the mainstream media would have shown interest in this story. (The only mention I've seen of JLA/AVENGERS #1 in the mainstream press was a short review in the subscription-only supplement to Entertainment Weekly, "Listen2This," where I believe it received an A-.)

It does make me wonder why DC and Marvel aren't doing more to promote this series. Perhaps they're waiting for the eventual collection to hit bookstores? If so, that might actually be smart. Easier to direct someone with casual interest in the series to the nearest bookstore than to get them to a local comic shop, which might not even have copies of every issue left. And the mainstream attention (USA Today, CNN, Forbes) for the Sandman: Endless Nights hardcover has been impressive, so perhaps DC and Marvel are hoping to go that route once they have something resembling an actual book in their hands. Although Kurt Busiek isn't quite the household name that Neil Gaiman is. This might be a case where Marvel's old maxim "it's the characters (not the creators) that matter" is fitting. 

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