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Monday, November 10, 2003
  Tenacious Termites
Ralph Phillips of Termite Terrace has a couple interesting entries up.  First, a reminder that the comics medium is distinct from the portion of the comics industry known as the Direct Market.  It's a point people often overlook in their zeal to "Save Comics" but it's an important one.  I agree with Ralph here, especially after seeing bookstores filed with graphic novels during a recent trip to Paris.  People will continue to create sequential art even if your favorite superhero comic is cancelled.  (And I'm not trying to belittle anyone's attachment to low-selling superhero comics, either;  I know the pain of loss all too well, having endured the all-too-short runs of favorites such as Power Company and Chase.)

Second, Ralph looks at the etiquette of properly attributing sources when blogging.  It's something that occasionally crosses my mind when reading others' blogs ("Did they get that from me?") but I think Ralph's right here as well:  Make the best effort to give the proper credit, but don't get hung up on it if others fail to return the favor.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Ralph.  Here's wishing you a long run of finding links I can take credit for.
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