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Monday, January 19, 2004
  Inconclusive Anatomy
The votes are in.  I had asked "Should I buy The Moth Double-Sized Special or wait for the trade?" and here's how you answered:

Trade (4)
Special (4)
Kill Jason Todd (1)

I didn't expect this to end in a tie.  So what does this mean?  That I should buy both the trade and the special?  Neither?  That even dead, Jason Todd still drives comic fans into a murderous frenzy?

Since the whole point of this exercise was to avoid making a decision myself, I'll leave it up to the first person who breaks the tie in the comment thread below:

UPDATE:  Ed Cunard has spoken.  His verdict:  "Buy the special. Why wait, if you're so excited.  And trades are killing the industry. :)"  So be it!

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