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Monday, March 15, 2004
  No Respect
Alter Ego #33I started reading The Adam Strange Archives over the weekend.  Flipping to the back to read the biographies, I noticed that there was no entry for Mike Sekowsky.  Nice.  The character's co-creator, who chronicled his first six adventures (two stories in each issue of Showcases 17 through 19), doesn't rate a bio.  This is an even bigger insult than the bio they ran for Sekowsky in the back of the Justice League of America Archives ("Though never considered one of comics' more polished artists...")

In other Sekowsky-related news, I ran across the following passage in the Sekowsky-focused Alter Ego #33:
MARK EVANIER [discussing his "filth"-themed sketchbook]:  And then I made the mistake, I guess, of giving it to Mike Sekowsky.  And I thought he would draw a naked Supergirl, or something of this sort in the pattern.  Instead, he drew a 16-page story of the Justice League of America gang-banging Wonder Woman.  [chuckles]  And it was brilliant!  And it was not only brilliant in terms of the artwork, but it was brilliant in the way the story was told and structured.  And Mike admitted that he'd had it on his mind for years and was looking for an excuse to draw it.  It was very elaborate, it was very detailed, and he probably did it in about an hour, knowing him.

SCOTT SHAW!:  And then smoked a cigarette.

"Brilliant in the way the story was told and structured"?  For a story about Wonder Woman getting gang-banged by the rest of the Justice League for 16 pages?  I guess we'll just have to take Evanier's word for it, since he later mentions that he'll never allow the story to be printed. 
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