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Thursday, April 15, 2004
  Flights of Fancy
CBR has an interview with the organizer behind the Flight anthology, Kazu Kibuishi, along with some sample artwork that is simply stunning.  That cover is gorgeous.  According to the info at Diamond's site, the book will be 208 pages long and priced at $19.95.  Not bad for a full color collection of (mostly) original work.  (Derek Kirk Kim's story "The Maiden and the River Spirit" was originally featured on his website, but I guess this is still the first time the story will see print.  Plus, according to Kim, the story will not be archived on his site once it sees print in Flight.)

Kibuishi also reveals that work is already underway on a second volume of Flight.

(Thanks to Thought Balloons for spotting the story on CBR.)
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