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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
  And There Was Much Ambivalence
Kurt Busiek and Ron Garney are the new regular team on JLA.  Or they will be, once another rotating creative team's arc is over (following Busiek and Garney's own upcoming arc featuring the Crime Syndicate of Amerika).  I'll admit I have mixed feelings about the news.  I'm generally a fan of Busiek's work, but some of his stuff leaves me cold, including his Avengers run, as well as his JLA/Avengers mini, which the Crime Syndicate of Amerika storyline is spinning exploding out of.  (And before you suggest that I should just avoid Busiek on superhero team comics, I liked his Power Company and Thunderbolts.)  I'm also skeptical that Busiek can do a proper Morrisonesque take on the CSA, even if Busiek is working from a pile of character notes from Morrison himself.  Finally, has Garney been able to maintain a regular schedule on a monthly book recently?

So while I can imagine half a dozen ways this could go wrong, I'm still curious enough to check it out.  Plus, I can always hope that Kurt will have some of his Power Company cast join or interact with his JLA.  (Between this and the upcoming Manhunter series, I figure there's a pretty good chance of seeing the Kirk DePaul character again.)

(I am wondering what will become of the JLA arc by Gail Simone and José Luis Garcia-Lopez, but it sounds as though there might be a "Legends"-type spin-off for JLA in the works, so presumably that's where the arc would see print.)
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