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Thursday, July 08, 2004
  Last Month's Comics...Today!!
Slowly making my way through the big box of last month's comics that arrived yesterday:

Spectacular Spider-Man 15-16:  I ordered this "two-parter" for all the wrong reasons:  Because I liked the Steve Epting covers.  Because I always enjoyed the old Marvel Team-Up series.  Because I always thought Spidey and Cap were a funny match up.  Well, at least the Steve Epting covers were nice.  Other than that, these two issues were dismal.  The chemistry between Spidey and Cap was off; Spidey's humor felt forced; and Spidey acted very out-of-character.  (Having Spidey refer to a woman--even a villain--as a "skank" is just wrong.)  Even worse, although this was billed as a two-part story, nothing is resolved by the end of issue #16.  There's even a little "Continued..." caption at the end of "part two."  (I think I'd like to suggest an addendum to Scott's S.C.R.U.B.S. system+5 if a multiple-part storyline does not conclude with part X of X.)

Adventures of Superman #629:  Not much to write about either way.  Lt. Leocadio's attempts to seduce Superman (and his continued rebuffs) were somewhat interesting, but otherwise there was nothing that made me want to return next month.

Wonder Woman #205:  Yes, Circe is still resurrecting Medousa.  I think this sub-plot has been going on for the past half-year.  I'm glad this was the final issue I pre-ordered.

After being so disappointed in the super-powered spandex comics offered by the "Big Two," I turned to Sgt. Frog Vol. 2 as an antidote.  As the flowchart in the front (or back, depending on how natural the right-to-left formatting of unflipped manga feels to you) of the book indicates, this series has become an amusingly complicated soap opera featuring unconventional attractions:  A hard-boiled alien male frog falls for a human teenage girl; a male soldier longs for his male superior; and a young boy feels his heart race every time an androgynous boy with wings and magical powers is nearby.  I'm sure it's not for everyone, but Sgt. Frog continues to delight me.
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