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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
  Wallowing in Marvelous Nostalgia
As a follow-up to the previous entry, here's a site that offers a summary of every single issue of Marvel Two-In-One, including #58 (although the overview probably still doesn't offer enough context to make sense of that scene).  I like that the site tracks whether or not each issue makes reference to "Clobberin' Time!" or the Thing's Aunt Petunia.  Be sure to check out the cover galleries.  And add MTIO to the list of Essentials I'd like to see in the future.  I love that the Thing was generally stuck with B- and C-list heroes as guest-stars in his book, while Spidey got all the "big name" heroes over in Marvel Team-Up.  In my mind, that only increases the appeal of MTIO.

The MTIO site led me to another fun distraction, The Unofficial Marvel Value Stamps Index.  Those who read Marvel comics in the mid-Seventies will undoubtedly remember these goofy stamps.  Whether or not you look back on these stamps fondly probably depends on how much financial damage you did to your collection by cutting up your comics.

Finally, this site has more (much, much more) than Marvel-related characters, but I particularly love the Micro-Hero versions of the Heroes for Hire characters, the Earth X interpretations, and all the What If variations.  I also like the page dedicated to Amalgam characters, but that's mainly due to my unclean love of the Amalgam concept.  (I'm probably the only comic fan out there who'd like to see a yearly Amalgam anthology.  Wasn't that an idea that was tossed around at one point, or am I just completely allowing my strange desires to distort my memories again?).
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