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Thursday, June 24, 2004
  Only Two Days Left!
Well, two days to go in the Street Angel Squid Contest and stories continue to pour in from fans who have already read Street Angel, but so far participation is light from those yet to experience the delights of this comic.  Aren't you curious to sample a series that can inspire such creativity in its fans?  First up is a two-page mini-comic by Shawn Hoke (click for slightly larger images):

Shawn Hoke story pt. 1

Shawn Hoke story pt. 2

Next up is an interesting little story from Shane Bailey that adds a bit of continuity to the previously-viewed squid battles:
It began with blackness. Dark, dank blackness that spread as far as the eye can see  in all directions across the sky. The giant squid Chktlla'thukla eclipsed the sun's  rays as it spread its inky fluids across the once blue sky. Millions panicked as  the end drew near. Chktlla'thukla laughed mightily with his giant pincers and waved  a tentacle at the biggest building it could see. Just then it felt something; it felt fear. Chktlla'thukla had never felt this emotion before. It floated in the atmosphere looking  at this one solitary girl on a skateboard and it was scared...terrified. It swatted missiles  away and turned to run, but it couldn't take its eye off the girl for fear that she would  strike when it was exposed. A missile made it through and almost hit its eye due to his  concentration on the girl and as he blinked it away he lost sight of her. Chktlla'thukla  screamed in panic writhing across the sky looking around buildings and in windows.  It could find the girl nowhere. This fear was too could take no more and  turned to leave and head back to its home out in space, but it caught a flash out  of the corner of its eye as it turned. Oh No. The girl rode toward a makeshift ramp  on the rooftop closest to Chktlla'thukla. She gained more and more speed as Chktlla'thukla swung  its mighty tentacles wildly, hoping to stop what it knew was destined to happen.  The girl knew the one spot to hit to bring down the mighty god of the spaceways.  She was destined to always stop Chktlla'thukla in all of his forms. She had already  defeated his servants both in the ocean and on land in what the humans call  a "wrestling match." The girl jumped from the building on her skateboard, losing  the board as she flew through the air with a mighty kick straight at Chktlla'thukla's eye. She connected with a sickening squish as her foot entered his eye and the last thought  that entered into its mind was..."Where's Wertham when you need him."
Since both Shawn and Shane have already read Street Angel, they're not eligible for the prize.  Which means less competition for you.  So don't delay!  Enter today!!
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