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Sunday, June 20, 2004
  Sundry Sunday Linkblogging
More updates to Friday's Rob Liefeld Captain America entry.  I'm still waiting for the English language edition of ADLO's analysis of Rob's Cap, but in the meantime, Elena has a nice summary of the whole lost-in-translation spectacle so far.

CrossGen files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  (Comic World News originally broke the story, but their site's been down all morning.)

Matt Maxwell (not a permalink) covers covers.  And while he may just be kidding about wanting to know what's going on with the cover to IRON FIST #1, I'm being completely sincere when I say that I'm looking forward to finding out why Iron Man and Iron Fist got into a fight with each other.  Perhaps Tony Stark felt a hero with the name "Iron Fist" would weaken the strength of his own superheroic brand?

Johanna, responding to Carl Henderson's complaints, explains why she digs manga and why she thinks detractors are missing the point.

Johanna also reviews the new manga version of Sabrina.  (I pre-ordered this and am looking forward to reading it before I pass it along to my niece.)

Speaking of Archie comics, I find this interesting because (for me at least) it demonstrates how a creator's later work (or the work you're most familiar with) can forever color your perceptions of his other work.  I simply can't look at these earlier girlie pin-ups by Dan DeCarlo without thinking of Betty, Veronica, or any of the other "wholesome" gals from Riverdale.  Which results in a weird case of cognitive dissonance for me, since I'm a fan of vintage pin-up art, but I'm creeped out by what my brain perceives as "dirty Archie comics."

I know this is an old one, but I just got around to reading it finally:  Jason Kimble provides an interesting analysis of the divide between the extraordinary and the gentlemanly in League of Extraordinary Gentleman.  His thesis inspires thoughtful responses from Marc Singer and Jess Nevins.

Finally, don't forget to enter the Street Angel Squid Contest, which ends Friday, June 25th!
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