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Friday, June 18, 2004
  The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Just when you thought you'd finally purged all traces of NAKED ROB LIEFELD CAPTAIN AMERICA from your brain, along comes this (translation via Babel Fish):
Days ago, one of my contacts warned to me that in one of the posteos of weblog call Grotesque Anatomy it was being spoken of Captain America de Rob Liefeld . Author, John Jakala, is not indeed fan of ROB! , but not even the greater detractors of the Teacher can escape to the influence of their magic: the dream of John was to see America Captain of ROB! so and as Diso it brought it to the world. But their searches in Google ("ROB LIEFELD CAPTAIN AMERICA NAKED") were unfruitful... how it was going to know he who that single material was available in Spanish, ADLO courtesy!

The case is that I have never resisted to make a boy happy, so I connected the page at issue in comments of his weblog (for general rejoicing of its visitors). And he is peculiar to verify how, once last the initial impact, to the Americans gave them to do one of the things that better know to do...

... to censure the image
Even more interesting were some of the remarks in the comments thread about this "censored" image:

Cap & Starfish

"I believe that they have taken a step further on in search of gallant sex: the Captain practicing zoofilia with a starfish."  (Again, translation courtesy Babel Fish.)

Dear lord.  Dave Lartigue has unintentionally added to Cap's humiliation by depicting him as a...lover of starfish.  (I'm reminded of that Simpsons episode with Troy McClure's "fish fetish":  "What I have is a romantic abnormality--one so unbelievable that it must be hidden from the public at all costs.")  I don't even want to know what, by extension, that logic implies about this picture:

Cap & Rob

(There's more of interest at the Adlo blog, including this entry about the weird disconnect between Marvel's different imprints and the level of sexualization in the covers for each respective imprint.  Or at least that's what I get out of the post as rendered by Babel Fish, but I admit that lines such as "Gentlemen of Marvel: Adult line = cover sow. Asexual classic line = carried." make me question the quality of the translation.)

UPDATE:  As expected, ADLO noticed that I'd spotted their entry, so the original comments thread is growing.  (Click here for the garbled English translation via Babel Fish.)  Only problem is, Babel Fish is choking on some of the words, so I'm missing part of what's being said.  Any readers who are fluent in Spanish want to help me out here?

In the meantime, I liked this as an alternate theory of why we Yanks covered up Cap's naughty bits:
What happens is that yankis has discovered the GREAT secret of the Captain. And sure something so humiliating is a slap for its patriotism.  For that reason they try to hide the reality, but they do not count whereupon for ADLO! xDDDDD does not exist the censorship
Why do I feel as though my very country has just been shamefully emasculated?

MORE:  Elena has a nice recap of "The Story So Far..."
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