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Friday, June 18, 2004
  Street Angel: Squid Contest*
Following up on Wednesday's love letter to Street Angel #2, I've decided (with the permission of creator Jim Rugg) to post the squid battle scenes from the first two issues of Street Angel.  Behold and enjoy!

Squiddy #1
Squid Battle #1 (Scuba-Gear Street Angel sold separately)

Squiddy #2
Squid Battle #2 (Wrestling-Action Street Angel comes with devastating Overhead Hammer Blow!)

I wasn't going to post these images, partly because I thought that if anyone wanted to see them they should buy the books, but I worried that people might not know what I was talking about.  Anyway, the images are scaled down considerably, so if you want the full effect you should buy the comics--or enter the first ever Street Angel Squid Contest*.  Since I'm going through squid fight withdrawal (and Rugg only made it worse by taunting me with this enigmatic teaser:  "rest assured, you will be surprised by issue 3's, ahem, competition") I figured you readers could help me out by chronicling some of Jesse's undocumented battles against the giant squid.  The person who composes the best "untold tale" will win the first two issues of Street Angel--FREE!  I'll even cover shipping (in the U.S. only; but if you're outside the U.S. and don't mind paying international shipping, feel free to enter the contest).

Street Angel #1
Street Angel #2

To enter, simply send me your squid story at with the header "Street Angel Squid Contest."  I'll pick my favorite entry and you'll win the comics!  You'll finally be able to see what all the hoopla for this great comic is about, and I'll be able to satisfy my squid skirmish jones.  It's a win-win situation!!  (Well, except for those participants who don't win anything, but at least I'll get to read your squid stories.)  Deadline is Friday, June 25, midnight Central time.  I'll post the winning story (and some of the better runner-ups) sometime the following week.  (I'd let the contest run longer than a week, but I need those stories, man!)

UPDATE:  To encourage the submission of as many squid stories as possible, I'll also throw in a special to-be-determined BONUS PRIZE in the event that someone sends in a stunningly brilliant squid story but they already happen to own the first two issues of Street Angel.  I want the Street Angel comics to go to someone who hasn't yet read them, but I also want as many squid stories as I can get my hands on, so hopefully this will encourage participation from everyone.  So if you already have the Street Angel comics, please let me know in your entry.  (Special ADDITIONAL BONUS PRIZE to Ed Cunard for inspiring this addendum to the context.)

* Contest not affiliated in any way with The Squiddies, The Squiddy Awards, or Suicide Squid.
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