Grotesque Anatomy
Thursday, May 27, 2004
  Now That's Grotesque Anatomy
Yesterday I mentioned some of the anatomy-related search queries that show up in my referrer logs.  Today I intended to share some of the queries centered around the "grotesque" part of this blog's title, but fate had other plans, apparently.  For there in the referrer logs was a single search query that so perfectly encapsulated the essence of Grotesque Anatomy that no further examples were necessary:
Unfortunately, plugging "ROB LIEFELD CAPTAIN AMERICA NAKED" into Google's image search produces zero results.  So for now all we can do is dream of what a naked Captain America drawn by Rob Liefeld would look like:

Cap's Man-Breasts

I know I can't look at that picture without starting to mentally undress Cap.

UPDATE:  Thanks to a helpful reader, we no longer simply have to dream of a naked Rob Liefeld Captain America.  BEHOLD!  (Warning: Most definitely not work safe.)

MORE:  More fun with search queries over at Progressive Ruin and Peiratikos.  Some of my favorites: "help+i'm+trapped+in+my+sister's+body" (I think we've all been there); "comics with metaphors in them" (there've gotta be some, right?); and the juxtaposition of "freudian comics" above "ethics for kids."  ("You can learn a lot from your dreams, Timmy...")

UPDATE ONCE MORE:  Dave (Legomancer) Lartigue kindly provided these work safe (more or less) versions of ROB LIEFELD CAPTAIN AMERICA NAKED:

Cap Nekkid

Cap Nekkid 2

Like Unto A Thing Of Irony!

Iron Fist

by John Jakala

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