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Monday, May 24, 2004
  Marvel, Manga, and Moore
I loved this:  Marc Singer's hilarious (and very thorough) takedown of the bad philosophy underpinning John Byrne's old FF story, "The Trial of Reed Richards."  Some might call it overkill, but I think poor reasoning needs to be soundly trounced wherever it occurs, even if it's in "just a comic book."  In fact, allowing it to go unchallenged in popular/low culture might be particularly insidious, since the philosophical underpinnings of a story may be subconsciously accepted so long as the surface level is entertaining.

Jeff Chatlos found some Amazon listings for upcoming Essentials of 70s Marvel comics.  In addition to Essential Iron Fist, which is available for pre-order next month, it looks as though Marvel plans to release Essential Super-Villain Team-Up and Essential Defenders.  Jeff lists some other Essential series he'd like to see and I'm right on board with him:  For some reason, I like the obscure, goofy characters and comics more than the established, popular ones.

Comic Readers has its "Hundreds of Pages of Huh" features up, which offer pre-ordering recommendations for mainstream comics, manga, small press, and collectibles.  They point out several books I'd overlooked (such as Jim Woodring's Pupshaw & Pushpaw #1) but I'm trying to buy fewer comics, not more, dammit.

Also at Comic Readers:  Interviews with several winners from Tokyopop's most recent Rising Stars of Manga competition.

I thought for sure Augie De Blieck Jr. would comment on the incestuous relationship between Jeff and his sister Rexa in Smax, especially since Alan Moore has Rexa voice complaints about laws prohibiting what only comes naturally to animals.  Heck, I'm surprised I haven't seen any liberal commentators complaining that Moore's apparent defense of incest could undermine similar arguments for homosexuality.  Perhaps the lack of outrage on either side of the political spectrum simply means that not many people read this series.  Myself, I thought it was an interesting thought experiment, but I strongly doubt incest occurs as neatly in our world as it did in Jeff and Rexa's situation.
Like Unto A Thing Of Irony!

Iron Fist

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