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Monday, June 21, 2004
  Monday Miscellany
Over at Broken Frontier, Shawn Hoke is running a mini-comics contest in conjunction with online mini-comics distribution Bowzizzer:  Create your own mini-comic for a chance to win mini-comics!

Added two new bloggers to the blogroll today:  Erin M. Schadt (otherwise known as the Comic Queen; thanks to Laura Gjovaag for the link) and David from Precocious Curmudgeon.  Both are relatively new, but I'm already enjoying their snark.  Here Erin offers some advice to the the artist on Birds of Prey:  "Yep, women have boobs – get over it Bennett."  David also noticed Bennett's boob fixation and how it undermined writer Gail Simone's emphasis on characterization and humor:  "Unfortunately, guest artist Joe Bennett didn’t seem to get the memo. Tits ahoy!"  (David has also discovered the joys of Sgt. Frog and is looking for other manga recommendations.  Gero gero gero!!)

Hmm.  When we were catsitting a couple months ago, Olive never seemed to show much interest in my comics.  Maybe she just waited until I went to sleep and snuck into my office to read them.

I think I'm going to recommend this for ADLO's next round of critical analysis.  If there's any undiscovered genius in Austen's work, I'm sure ADLO can find it.  (I wonder if a publisher or creator would ever send someone a comic for mocking?  "No, I don't want to review your comic.  I just want to mock it mercilessly.")  Thanks to Graeme for spotting this.

Got some more comic bargains yesterday, including the Dark Knight Strikes Again hardcover for only $6.  After reading it, I wish I'd spent that money on something trashy and fun, like the first three volumes of Wounded Man, which were on clearance for $2 apiece.  I was thinking of writing more about my reactions to DKSA, but I really don't want to set off another round of You Just Don't Get The Joke.  Besides, I think ADD addressed pretty much everything I would have tried to cover.  And Chris Allen summed up my feelings about the "But Miller Was Doing Something Different and Non-Reverential" defense with this line about Miller's art in DKSA:  "[No] matter how admirable it is that he chose not to repeat himself, the art here is just flat-out ugly a lot of the time."  Add plot, pacing, characterization, dialogue, attempts at humor and political satire, and everything else to that assessment and I think that about does it.

Finally, to end on a positive note, Newsarama has a blurb that Dark Horse will be reprinting Mike Baron and Steve Rude's Nexus as a series of trade paperbacks.  No news on what exactly will be reprinted, but I'd love to have any of this classic series collected and sitting on my bookshelf.

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