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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
  "Lo, There Shall Come...A Manhunter!!"
Milo George wonders: "supercomics has inspired what first-rate writer[s] to create a similarly substantial body[ies] of criticism/critical journalism?"

Clearly, then, Milo is unfamiliar with the works of one Mr. John Jones, writer of the esteemed and erudite "Martian Vision" essays.  Jones (brilliantly taking his pen name from an obscure 1950s character believed by some to be the first "true" Silver Age superhero) writes at length on such refined and rarefied topics as "Superhuman Sensuality," "Metahuman Metaphysics," and "Asexual Androids."  He has also written exhaustive critical retrospectives examining specific creators' bodies of works.  Finally, Jones has even provided his readers with transcripts detailing his correspondence with fellow students of the supercomic form.

If Milo is aware of Mr. Jones' writings but believes Jones does not fit the bill, then whom would Milo accept as a "first-rate writer" with a "substantial body of [supercomic] criticism"?  Or perhaps Milo believes that Jones' occasional forays into other topics dilutes Jones' classification as a pure supercomic critic.  Or could Milo and Jones have had a falling-out, inspiring a grudge similar to the one Jones holds toward writer Kurt Busiek?  Whatever the case, it is my hope that after reading some of the afore-linked articles, others will acknowledge the unsung genius of John Jones (AKA, "Doc Nebula") even if Milo George will not.
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