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Friday, June 25, 2004
  Street Angel Squid Contest: Final Day!
Today is the last day to enter the Street Angel Squid Contest.  Entries must be submitted to me at by midnight Central time.  And to sweeten the deal, SLG's Jennifer de Guzman has graciously added a copy of Street Angel #3 (due out in September) to the prize package!  So you could win not one, not two, but three issues of the series Paul O'Brien referred to as "gloriously insane," "unmissable," and "even better [than] fantastic"!

Today's sample squid story comes from Rick Geerling:

Rick Geerling's Squid Battle

I think this must be a screenshot from the upcoming Street Angel video game.  And as Ken Lowrey pointed out, Rick managed to misspell 'luscious,' but that just makes it funnier.

Also be sure to check out Dave Lartigue's four-line tale of battle in the modern online age.  (This could be the first story that makes me feel bad for the giant squid.)

Finally, don't forget to enter!  And remember that Rick and Dave, as current readers of Street Angel, are ineligible to win, so you're not competing against them.  Now send me more squid stories, dang it!
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