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Monday, July 12, 2004
  Oh My
I don't think I've seen this announced anywhere else yet, but it looks as though Mike Bullock (whom I know from the time I was a staff member at Broken Frontier) has not only launched his own site-slash-company but also written and created his very own comic.  It's called "Lions, Tigers & Bears" and it reveals that Disney's Scar and Shere Khan were actually mutants with spooky glowing eyes:

Lions, Tigers & Bears

Just kidding.  Actually, the premise sounds pretty interesting.  Here's how it's described on the Runemaster site:
A child’s instinctual need for the comfort of a stuffed animal is rooted in a reality long forgotten by the adult world. The hidden truth is that these companions have been defending children since the dawn of time. Follow young Joey on the adventure of a lifetime as he travels through the Stuffed Animal Kingdom, a journey that puts the fate of all the world's children in his hands and brings him face to face with his destiny.
Sounds reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh, The Velveteen Rabbit, and The Chronicles of Narnia, but with a darker twist à la CrossGen's Abadazad.  It also sounds like a concept that would work well as a manga, so I'm interested to see how this is formatted.  Will it be released as traditional floppy single issues, a thicker OGN, or smaller manga-sized digests?  Is it being self-published, or will it be released through Dabel Brothers Production, where Mike is PR Director as well as a staff writer and editor?  If it's the latter, how will DBPro's recent disputes with Devil's Due impact the series?  Guess I'll just have to wait until more info is released.

Anyway, best of luck to Mike and everyone else involved in this project.  It's certainly interesting to see smaller publishers step in to fill the gaps left by the Big Two when it comes to children's comics.
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