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Monday, September 29, 2003
  Blogging by Bullet Point
Wow, guess my wife was wrong when she said not much would happen while we were on vacation for a week.  Of course, she was mainly referring to work and family & friends—how it seems as though time remains "normal" for those stuck at home while it slows down and expands for you on vacation (Weren't we gone for month or two?  No?  Only a week?)—not to the weird world of comic books news, but I'll admit I didn't expect to have much to catch up on when I got home.  So I was a bit surprised to find that:
There was also some positive news:
And then there was a lot of interesting blogging going on (which I'll probably never properly comment on because I'm feeling so behind at the moment, but that shouldn't stop you from checking it out):
Oh yeah, and Marvel's solicits for December 2003 went up while I was away.  I know I promised to sift through them and make with the snark, but there's just nothing in these solicits that inspires me to comment.  About the best I can come up with is a variation of an old Monty Python line:  "I can't think of anything worse than calling them 'typical Marvel Solicitations.'"  They're just so awfully dull:  Dull cover images and dull copy.  About the only cover image that came close to moving me was the cover for CABLE/DEADPOOL #2 (Rob Liefeld will probably once again win the coveted "Grotesque Anatomy" award based on this image), but why waste energy coming up with funny digs about how atrocious this cover is when it's already been done (and is probably much cleverer than anything I would have come up with anyway)?  Once again my pull list remains Marvel-less.

Finally, I should be getting my monthly dose of comics sometime this week, so I'll finally be able to comment on the comics everyone else was talking about last month.  Man, no wonder I'm always feeling behind... 
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