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Saturday, October 25, 2003
  Mainstream Magazine Mentions of Comics
The latest Entertainment Weekly (#735, October 31, 2003) has a review of Mythology, the Alex Ross art book.  It gets an A.  (ADD also reviewed the book and gave it a grade of 4.5/5.)

And I forgot to mention this earlier, so I might as well do so now:  The October 20, 2003 issue of The New Yorker (the "Making Movies" issue) refers to two Marvel movies, The Punisher and HulkThe Punisher is mentioned in an article on stunts ("The Art of the Crash") and the scene in which the Punisher's family is killed before his eyes is dissected in detail.  The character of the Punisher is described as "the darkest character in the moral universe of Marvel Comics" and "a gun-toting vigilante superhero" whose simple philosophy is "'I kill only those who deserve killing.'"  Hulk is discussed in an article about how writing credits are arbitrated for movies ("Credit Grab").  Two earlier, rejected plotlines are mentioned:  "The earlier plotlines ranged from having Bruce Banner, the Hulk's mild-mannered alter ego, hang out with a delinquent teen-age sidekick in Las Vegas to having him undergo experiments for a mission to Mars."
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