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Wednesday, October 22, 2003
  CrossGen: All Infinite Things Must Come To An End
Bill Rosemann, recently promoted from Director of Marketing & Communications to Senior Vice President of Publishing, addressed (among other topics) the cancellation of most of CrossGen's "Sigilverse" titles, which includes all of the titles from the company's initial lauch (Meridian, Mystic, Scion, Sigil, and the previously-cancelled The First).  I found these two bits from the interview amusing:
BILL ROSEMANN: First, since the launch of CrossGen, Mark Alessi and the creators repeatedly talked about how each of the series, while they would last longer than a four-to-six-issue miniseries, were, in fact, finite stories.

ROSEMANN: The intention for each of these titles to last indefinitely was sincere -- just as it is with any publisher who launches an ongoing title.
While I realize the two statements aren't outright contradictions, they still struck me as incongruous:  "We'd sincerely hoped we could milk these series indefinitely, even if the stories we actually had to tell were limited." 
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