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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Over on Newsarama, Ed Brubaker pimps the upcoming SLEEPER trade, Out In The Cold, which collects the first six issues of "season one" of this excellent Wildstorm series.  The TPB comes out in December, so make sure to include it in your October preorders if you're interested in this book.  I'll mention this again when I get around to doing my overview of this month's "Previews Review" columns, but I thought SLEEPER deserved its own separate mention.  It's a great book that is criminally underordered, so I'm really hoping that more people pick this up.  (And Brubaker touches on some interesting points regarding the problems of the direct market, so the Newsarama article is worth reading even if you're already a SLEEPER fan.)

For those who need more convincing, here's a roundup of positive reviews for SLEEPER:
As far as I know, this book has been universally beloved by reviewers.  I honestly can't recall seeing one single negative review of this comic (he foolishly uttered, thereby issuing the challenge for someone to find a counter-example...)  So why don't you check this out and see what the love's all about?

(And in case any of the SLEEPER creative team read this:  Any chance of an oversized hardcover of the entire first season in black & white?) 
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