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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
  Previews Review for Today, 10/15
Previews Review is still up and running with a new SHIPPING THIS WEEK column (covering books hitting stores today, Oct. 15th).  There's a nice discussion about pricepoint sensitivity, focusing especially on manga and the youngsters who devour it.  Will a kid with $20 to spend prefer two thinner manga volumes for $10 apiece, or will he buy the thicker manga book priced at $15?  I dunno, but it's an interesting point to consider.  I know I often find myself doing a little mental math to figure out if a collection is a good deal or not, but I don't know if other consumers do this, let alone younger kids.  I'm guessing many people simply assign threshold boundaries to certain types of goods (DVDs should run between $20-25; CDs around $15; $10 for a manga TPB...) and balk whenever a particular item exceeds their upper limit, even if the item in question is "special" in some respect (longer movie or lots of extras; bonus songs; additional pages; etc.).  I wonder how much thought publishers give to this issue.  I'd be curious to learn how publishers decide to price their books.

Looking at the books Previews Review highlights, I'm interested in Viz's FLOWERS & BEES by Moyoco Anno.  Their description of the book sounds intriguing, especially the notion of playing around with masculine and feminine ideals of beauty.  Viz's site lists it under their shôjo books but there's no further info to be found.  Guess I'll have to check it out in the bookstore. 
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