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Wednesday, October 08, 2003
  Hmmm - If Only I Could Figure Out Why This Seems So Familiar...
Over on ComiX-Fan, there's a thread announcing Chuck Austen and Tom Derenick's upcoming (and presumably creator-owned) series, StormWatch I'm sorry, WorldWatch.  According to the piece,
WorldWatch is a large group of Superhero protectors, a-la the JLA or the Avengers, only on a much larger scale. They have protected the planet for decades from a myriad of world threats. Recent years have brought turmoil to the group, however, as power struggles, accusations of improper behavior, and lack of any meaningful supervision has lead to trouble among the team. What do you do when the rules don't seem to apply to you? When it seems as though you can get away with anything because no one has the power to call you on your excesses? When you're the most powerful thing on the planet, and you're convinced you're right, and know what's best for the entire world?

WorldWatch leader Warrior Princess, along with her second-in-command Doc Gullivar, find themselves struggling to bring order and structure to a team that has degraded into, essentially, a group of unruly "rock stars". They hope to return the group to its former glory and remind them of what they once were... heroes, and they may have the help they're looking for in a possible savior who calls himself Monarch, a man who genuinely seems to know what a hero should be. Or is it already too late?
Gee, good thing nothing like this has ever been done before
Like Unto A Thing Of Irony!

Iron Fist

by John Jakala

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