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Monday, October 06, 2003
  Realization of the Obvious Theatre: COMICS TOO DAMNED EXPENSIVE
I had to go to an actual comic store yesterday (seems MOC's pull list feature missed the last issue of LoEG for some reason).  While I was there I browsed through some of the "hot" comics that are popular nowadays.  I was surprised to find that the store still had copies of #1 and #2 of SUPERMAN/BATMAN.  I considered getting it until I saw the price:  $2.95?  For a book featuring two of DC's flagship heroes?  Since DC had to know this would be a top-seller, I'm assuming this is a case of DC wanting to goose a little more money out of the project by putting a sturdier cover on it (as Marvel's been known to do with many of its books).  My pricepoint sensitivity was offended, so the impulse buy was thwarted.  (I was also thinking of checking out SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT since Graeme's enjoying that so much, but once again three bucks seemed too much for a purchase motivated by semi-curiosity.)

If someone with my disposable income isn't willing to plop down $3 to check out something new, how likely is it that kids (or their parents) will shell out hard-earned money for a couple minutes of entertainment?  The price/value ratio for comics is seriously out-of-whack.  And as Johanna tracks, the average cost for monthly comics continues to rise.  Please, won't someone think of the children? 
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