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Friday, October 17, 2003
  What, CrossGen Worry?
While reports of CrossGen's demise now seem premature—they're still publishing comics, and the Bullpen remains in place (even if it's a bit smaller than it used to be)—they still appear to be having trouble resolving some of the problems that got them into such hot water with the fan and pro communities:  Elayne Riggs has just written today that her husband Robin still hasn't been paid for the fill-in work he did for CrossGen.  And to add insult to injury, CrossGen returned some of Robin's original artwork with the stamp "Art and text Copyright CrossGen" across the back [emphasis Elayne's].  As Elayne points out, the art is not the property of CrossGen, because Robin never signed a contract waiving his rights—mainly because he never received a contract in the first place.

Come on, CrossGen:  Get your act together and pay the freelancers you owe money.  I hate to kick a company when it's down, but it grates on my nerves to see CrossGen out pimping its upcoming books when the creators on old ones still haven't been reimbursed yet.  Besides, the sooner you clear up this mess, the sooner you start building back some of the trust and goodwill you've eroded in your fans.

UPDATE: Well, who knows how all this will affect freelancers ever getting paid, but CrossGen has just announced the cancellation of nine more titles (THE FIRST was recently cancelled with issue #37).  The Pulse's version of this story also has this to add about the freelancer situation: "THE PULSE has emailed several freelancers asking if payment was received October 1st, and have been told that they still have not been paid or given any information from CrossGen about when to expect payment."  No details about which freelancers were contacted or who responded. 
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