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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
  Jess Lemon Reviews WATCHMEN
And, surprise, she liked it.  But she still finds room for a little anger towards the comics industry (or at least the mainstream comics industry, as Jess carefully qualifies it).

Sadly, Jess mysteriously vanished shortly after she wrote her review.  Luckily Jess had the foresight to send the final draft of her journal to The Pulse.  But brother Andy says not to worry, because they received a voice mail message from Jess saying that she was in a better place now (or at least a place with a lot of comics).

I wonder if this means The Pulse is finally going to retire the Jess Lemon gag.  I would think this would be the time to do it:  Best to end on a high note that sums up the point of the column rather well (even if the point is somewhat suspect).

Oh, and my guess for Jess's final word?  It starts with an r and ends with a d but it ain't Rosebud
Like Unto A Thing Of Irony!

Iron Fist

by John Jakala

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