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Wednesday, November 12, 2003
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In response to Dirk Deppey's concern that the copy of Sanctuary I bought at Half Price Books was remaindered:  I don't think it was.  Usually the remaindered books have what look like computer-printed labels with bar codes on them, whereas other books have smaller, individually-printed sticky price tags.  I've always assumed the latter type of books were ones brought in by customers, not unsold stock from the publishers.  I've also found that remaindered books seem to appear on the Half Price Books website.  So stuff like the stacks of CrossGen's Compendia, shelves of ComicsOne manga (which interestingly list "Diamond Comic Distributors" as the publisher), and piles of Safe Area Gorazde were probably remaindered books (especially since the detail page for each book says "Publisher's Overstock").  But I'm guessing the single copies of various Tokyopop and Dark Horse manga I saw were just individual used books sold by customers.

Perhaps we can use the Half Price Books site as an anecdotal tool to see which graphic novels are doing well in the bookstores.  I was surprised that the site didn't list any of Marvel's hardcovers, since I saw several copies of Ultimate X-Men vol. 1 and the Hulk and X-Men Encyclopedias in the store.  (Perhaps they were all from a collector who expected the books to become "hot" a couple weeks after their release.)  But it is nice to know I can buy back issues of Ultimate Spider-Man and signed copies of Maximum Clonage online.
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