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Friday, November 21, 2003
  The Trouble With Blogging
I think I'm gradually realizing there's one thing I'm not crazy about with blogs:  The tedium of tracking a discussion that wends its way through multiple blogs.  It's especially frustrating when I just want to respond to one specific thing that's sandwiched in a fairly long entry.  Example:  Sean Collins takes issue with my description of Bendis' dialogue as "Tarantino-esque," stating
John was certainly mistaken in calling Bendis's dialogue ripped-off Tarantinoisms--it's actually ripped-off Aaron Sorkinisms. But Bendis is actually better than Sorkin, because the dialogue is crafted (as Jason suggests) not to sound clever, but to sound human.
It's an interesting, if somewhat fine, distinction.  And I'd like to react to it, but at the same time I feel it's not something that merits its own blog entry.  (So instead I craft an entire blog entry around why it doesn't deserve its own blog entry.  Yeah, I know.)  So I guess one thing message boards do better than blogs is facilitate discussions in smaller increments.  Perhaps it's only a personal preference, but I find it much easier to scroll through a thread than to click through multiple sites.  (Immediate counterargument:  Except when message boards grow littered with irrelevant comments, trolling, flaming, unwieldy quotes and sigs, and general inanity.)

At the very least I really wish Sean (and others) would reconsider implementing a comments feature on his (their) blog(s).  I know it's not a democracy and he runs it as he sees fit, but as a reader, there are times I'd much prefer to fire off a quick reply instead of composing a new entry on my own blog, linking to the appropriate entry on his blog, and finally writing out my short response.  (As an incentive (?) for Sean to add a comments feature, I'm going to withhold my thoughts on his opinion, saving them for such a time when I can post them on his blog in some form.)

As an example of why I think allowing comments can be good and useful, consider this exchange:  I linked to one of Jim Henley's entries to bolster my own argument; Jim read my piece and thought I misconstrued his point, so he clarified his position in a comment; I explained that I understood his original point but admitted that I may have phrased it poorly.  Issue addressed without either of us having to wait for the other to update his blog with his take on the other's post.

Now to touch on the hot memes of the week:
Finally, regarding Tuesday's same-sex decision in Mass., I'm still mulling everything over.  I'm at the stage where I've succeeded in confusing myself so thoroughly that I can't even justify why I'm married, let alone why anyone else should be.  (No offense, honey.)  So I'm not going to blog anything about SSM or the court's ruling until I can make sense out of my own thoughts.  This may take some time, especially if I decide I need to go to law school before I can parse out just how and why marriage is a fundamental right and how the strict scrutiny analysis should play out.  I also realized that I skipped the endnotes when I read the decision the first time, so I'd like to go back and reread everything.  (The HTML version makes it especially easy to jump back and forth between the main arguments and the endnotes.) 

In the meantime, I thought I'd recommend this article by Slate's Dahlia Lithwick.  Dahlia, one of my favorite pundits (her Supreme Court Dispatches are hilarious and insightful), raises a lot of issues I'd really like to see addressed by those who kvetch about the "sanctity of marriage" and how allowing SSM will "irreparably harm" the institution.  I'd like to be an idealist about marriage, too, but I don't think it's fair to hold same-sex couples to some abstract, impossible-to-actualize Platonic Form of Marriage when opposite-sex couples get an "Anything Goes" license along with their marriage one.
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