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Friday, December 12, 2003
  WARNING: You May Be An Italian Website And Not Even Know It
This Onion article made me think it was time to google myself.  Who knew that I was an Italian website?  Some of the buzzwords remind me of my Chinese zodiac sign:  Yep, the dog is loyal, so I know this site must be about me.  And the logo confirms it:


I especially like the exclamation point:  It just says, "This guy grew up reading superhero comics!!"

I'm a little vague on what Jaka!a does.  Google's translation says "Jakala - An only service three times for your campaigns of regalistica and boosting." The full mission statement reads:  "Jakala helps the companies to establish and to consolidate the relations of business towards the own customers, the consumers, the distributors and the force of sale, through plans innovated you of boosting and fidelizzazione."  Finally, "Moreover Jakala offers to the own customers also the possibility to ad hoc study articles and confection in function of the occasion and the requirement."

I don't know what it all means, but I'm impressed.  I think I'm going to start using regalistica, fidelizzazione, and boosting as buzzwords at work.  I'm sure they'll catch on in no time.

Be sure to ask for your Jakala gift, by the way, which promises "Only, sophisticated and prestigious: the Jakala selection is studied in order to offer the appropriate object to you for every occasion."  And order with confidence:  Remember, "Jakala guarantees you a chosen width imprinted to the quality and to the originality."  Prego!
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