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Thursday, January 29, 2004
  Readers Answer: Why Not Just Superheroes?
I was going to do a more detailed roundup/summary/analysis of readers' responses in the "Why Just Superheroes" comment thread but Neilalien beat me to it.  (Plus, I don't want to steal Ed Cunard's thunder in case he decides to write a column about this.)  I will say that I wasn't trying to browbeat superhero fans into diversifying their reading material.  I was just wondering why anyone would want to read only superhero comics.  I'm trying to think back on my own comic-buying habits and remember if there was a time when I only read superheroes.  I can't think of such a time, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't such a period in my comic-purchasing past.  (I have a really poor memory, so I may be forgetting my shameful superhero-only phase.)  The closest I can come up with is when I was little and my parents used to buy a lot of my comics for me.  But even then my parents would buy me non-superhero comics such as Turok or other Gold Key comics and I would devour those along with any and all funny books.

I guess I don't understand the mindset of being interested in only one genre in any medium.  (Not saying it's wrong, just that -- as someone external to that mindset -- I have trouble fully entertaining the notion.)  I enjoy film, but I don't limit myself to just action movies.  I enjoy prose, but I don't limit myself to mysteries alone (or fiction alone, for that matter).  Then again, maybe "omnivorousness" across different media is rarer than "specializing" in certain genres:  As Jennifer de Guzman points out, there probably are people who are only interested in reading Danielle Steele romances or Dean Koontz thrillers.  And obviously everyone who saw Pirates of the Caribbean wasn't waiting in line to see The Barbarian Invasions.

So, I don't have any answers, but I thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.  Maybe Ed can pull some better, deeper insights out of your responses if he ends up doing a column on this topic.  (Hint, hint, Ed.)
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