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Sunday, January 25, 2004
  Shameless Shilling
Well, you free-loading bastards haven't been stuffing the tip jar, so I'm forced to sell off my comics on eBay.  Just kidding.  I'd been unloading my collection on eBay already, but I'd gotten lazy about putting up new listings for quite a while.  This weekend I was trying to find a particular series and I realized how much crap I have that I need to get rid of.  This week I'm running five auctions:
Check out my auctions if any of these comics interest you, or if you'd like to see how bad I -- Mr. Critical Of Everyone Else's Marketing Hype -- am at writing my own sales copy.  And check back in the future to see my other auctions.  I won't advertise my auctions here again, although I will activate the auctions link on the right.  Finally, as a special bonus to readers of this blog, mention that you saw the auction here and I'll give you free Media Mail shipping (U.S. only) if you're the winning bidder.
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Iron Fist

by John Jakala

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