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Thursday, January 22, 2004
  Street Angel Parody Shocker!
Over on Shawn Hoke's "The Wall" forum, Jim Rugg stops by to clarify what his intention was with that back cover:
I'm not sure what you mean by joke? It's really going to be the back cover of issue 1.

I once did a mini comic called StrikeForce: Bigfoot (a color version is available at Modern Tales Longplay) and needed 3 pages to round out the signatures. So I did fake pinups that aped the styles of Julie Doucet, Mike Mignola, and Rob Liefeld. People seemed to get a kick out of them and I enjoyed doing them.

For Street Angel I couldn't decide on what to do with the back covers. I like seeing guest pinups. So I decided to ape various cartoonists' styles for the back covers. Issue 1 is a Jim Lee ape because Jim Lee drew the highest selling comic of last year. Issue 2 is Dan Clowes. I haven't decided on issue 3 yet (I draw the covers after the interiors are all finished).

The Jim Lee maybe isn't as Jim Lee-esque as it should be. Everyone seems to see the Image style more than his particular style. I think I botched the coloring.

I don't know if I'd call it a joke. Maybe some poor, unknown cartoonist's attempt at a cool pinup? Or how about a dedicated, up-and-coming cartoonist trying to give his readers the best bang for their comic-book-buying dollar? Or...maybe a...well you get the idea.

Is anyone offended by it?

Jim says that he's going to be checking back in that thread to answer any questions people might have about Street Angel, so stop over and chat with the man!  (Me, I want to know if we'll be seeing a basketball match between the pirates and the ninjas.  Something like that would have the potential to rival the Comedy Gold Standard of Monty Python's soccer match between the Greek and the German philosophers.)
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