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Thursday, January 22, 2004
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You know the drill.
Finally, I ran across this exchange about manga in Diverging Comics' "State of the Comics" address (an "Independently Minded" (?) round table discussion with "three very diverse comic book fans"):
DIVERGING COMICS: So what about the continued proliferation of Manga, in those same bookstores?

GREG MATIASEVICH To an exclusion of everything else?

STEPHEN LIN: Man... I was in Borders the other day and they had a huge shelf of manga! Placed in between trades and RPG books.

DAVID HOPKINS: Manga is so huge. It is in an industry all to itself. 

GREG MATIASEVICH: I think we need to educate readers to know that Manga isn't everything

STEPHEN LIN: It's a Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon generation growing up.

DIVERGING COMICS: Again, it's a matter of crossing over. Just like with american comics.

GREG MATIASEVICH Comics aren't one genre

DAVID HOPKINS: Exactly. But shoot me now if we have to create a freakin' card game for every cartoon or comic book we publish.

STEPHEN LIN: These are the same kids getting obese and diabetic in front of the PS2 who probably haven't read any books in their lives other than Harry Potter.

So anyway:  What about the continued proliferation of manga in bookstores?

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Iron Fist

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