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Monday, March 15, 2004
  Axis of Cool
Paul O'Brien is the latest reviewer to discover the joys of Street Angel:
Street Angel is a mix of deadpan but affectionate superhero pastiche, mild absurdity (Jesse insisting on talking through a megaphone for a whole scene, for no reason whatsoever, or Dr Pangea berating his ninja henchmen for failure to wear their name badges) and just plain Cool Stuff (ninjas and skateboarding).  It's completely ridiculous, but creators Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca get the balance right where Street Angel is genuinely cool in her own right and not just a vehicle for jokes at the expense of other people.
I was going to hold off on linking to more Street Angel reviews, but Paul's long been one of my favorite reviewers, so I was happy to see that he enjoyed the book.  Plus, Paul picked up on an important influence in Street Angel that everyone else missed:  Night Thrasher.
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Iron Fist

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