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Monday, April 26, 2004
  All Your Fanbase Are Belong To Us
In a thread titled "Save Human Target" Micah Wright outlines what he sees as the main problem with the current comic book industry, The Comics Fanbase:
I've realized that The Comics Fanbase overwhelmingly wants escapist power-fantasies and nothing which comes anywhere close to the ugly realities of life.
Wright also adds that he'll "NEVER do another book with a Mature Readers tag on the cover" and sounds about ready to give up writing books targeted for the Direct Market altogether:
I'm about an inch from giving up to the idea that other than about 50 good stores, the Direct Market is a cultural wasteland catering to the juvenile power fantasies of a dying breed of 40 year old geeks.

Maybe I'll go write a Manga.
If Wright does write a manga book, perhaps he could even get some advertising this time around.
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