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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
  Lazy Linkblogging, In Accordance With Prophecy!
In addition to the awesome catchphrase featured above, Simon Ringwood has a couple other goofy comic book sayings featured on his blog, this the Jackal swears!  (He's right:  That is fun!)

The Daily Record features an interview with James Jean, one of my favorite comic book cover artists.  (Yay!)  But there aren't any pictures of Jean's actual comic book art in the article.  (Boo!)  If, like me, you're jonesing for more Jean, check out his website, which has plenty of artwork, including some gorgeous sketches from his travels to London, Vienna, and elsewhere.  Man, I'd love to see a Datebook-style sketchbook focusing on Jean's artwork.

Christopher Butcher flies solo with a new monthly Previews Review and this one is even early enough for me to take into consideration before placing my order!  Whoo-hoo!!  Not that Chris writes these things just to help me out, but I always appreciate another perspective when trying to sift through Previews.  And in this case, I'm really glad that I read Chris' recommendations before I submitted my order because I think I'm going to steal his idea and get the WAR STORIES trade as a Father's Day gift for my dad.  So thanks, Chris:  Your efforts are appreciated.

And speaking of Previews, I had thought of doing my own pass through the monstrous catalog but never got around to it.  Most of the books I thought looked interesting were already covered by other people, though, except for one:  Headstatic, by Xeric winner Jay A Hacker III.  (Oops!  Just noticed that Laura Gjovaag did mention this in her "Flipping Through Previews" feature for this month.  But...but...but she didn't provide you with links for all of the preview pages as I just did!)

Marc Singer has the most balanced take on American Power I've read (and by that I mean it's the opinion I most agree with).  Funny how a comic that will probably never see print has generated so much commentary and controversy.  Too bad CrossGen can't make any money off all the reaction to this book idea for a book.  Wait, scratch that:  Too bad the creators who are still owed money by CrossGen aren't getting a nickel every time someone weighs in with an opinion regarding this idea for a book.

Jeff Chatlos revisits Half Price Books in another post, this time pointing out that there can be dangers associated with seeming bargains.  I feel your pain, Jeff.

Bill Sherman looks back on several manga series he'd previously reviewed to see how each one is holding up.  It's a great idea:  Often times books that seem promising at first falter later on down the line -- or vice-versa.  For example, Junji Ito's Gyo (which Sherman briefly mentions as disappointing) didn't impress me at first, but the second volume was a marked improvement, doing away with my complaints from the first book almost point-by-point.  And one of the two back-up stories, "The Enigma of Amigara Fault," is almost worth the price of admission on its own:  It's a chilling tale that takes a very literal look at the sometimes overpowering desire to find one's fit in the world.

Graeme McMillan's on vacation (although you'd hardly realize it with all the wonderful guest-blogging that's going on over at Fanboy I'm sorry, Fill-In Rampage!!) but that didn't stop him from assembling some assorted thoughts [not a permalink] on various comic industry goings-on before he left.  My favorite bit is the one where he points out the double standard many fans seem to hold DC to:  It's OK for Marvel to cancel low-selling titles, but DC is supposed to be the company that props up under-performing series thanks to those deep pockets of parent company Time-Warner.

Finally, Kevin Melrose is just all-around awesome.  There isn't just one post I can spotlight him for.  But I'm sure everyone already knows that because you're all reading his blog daily, right?  Right??
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