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Friday, April 16, 2004
  Around The Blogosphere
Just added a new blog to the blogroll -- Jeff Chatlos' Otto's Coffee Shop.  How can I not love a blogger who crafts a lengthy "Ode to Half Price Books," one of my favorite shops when it comes to finding great comic book bargains.  (Remind me to brag about how I got copy of Drawn & Quarterly Volume 5 at HPB for less than half-off several months before the book even hit the Direct Market.)  Also:  Jeff, NAUSICAA OF VALLEY OF WIND VOL 2 was missing from my big box o' comics from Mailordercomics last month too, but it sounds like it was partially Diamond's fault.

Hey, another new blog on the blogroll:  Chris Hunter's Panoramically Challenged.  Chris Hunter is column editor and a contributor over at Broken Frontier, not to mention one of their top message board posters.  (Chris, what happened?  You're no longer #1!)  Chris has been a member of the Comics Blogosphere for just one day and he's already its biggest Marvel fan.  Plus, he's already managed to embarrass me with a sappy public display of affection.  Not bad for your first day, Chris.  Now put your clothes back on.

What the heck:  Let's add one more blog and call it a hat trick.  Carlo Santos' Tales of a Grad-School Nothing.  Carlo was the winner of the free Demo #5 I gave away and he's just reviewed it on his Live Journal.  It's an interesting review because Carlo approaches it from the perspective of a fellow creator (Carlo is the creator of various webcomics, including School Spirit Hunter Ashley) and because he one-ups Uncle Lar by using the word "awesome-tastic."

And in non-blogroll-fiddling news, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá have posted another lovely image on their blog:

The Girls

Now Moon and Bá are out-and-out taunting us readers, asking, "Don't you wanna know their story?"  Yes, I do!  Teases!
Like Unto A Thing Of Irony!

Iron Fist

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