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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
  CrossGen Goes Direct-to-Video?
In a thread over on Broken Frontier, the mysterious poster known as Broken Shakespeare (whom you might remember from rumors such as this) claims to have the scoop on CrossGen's new investors (you know, the ones who had a problem with American Power):

Well, apparently Crossgen does have new investors. They have received money from a company called:

Dee Gee Entertainment
Chicago, IL

Apparently the deal is this, Dee Gee gets $300,000 plus interest from the proceeds of Route 666, Ruse, and Sojourn. They also get a security interest in the copyrights and trademarks for Ruse and Sojourn, and in anything that derives from Ruse and Sojourn.

The deal was sealed back in January, so CG has had the money for months. It isn't like they just got new cash. So no, they won't be paying back the freelancers with it, or they already would have.

Now, at this point you should be asking yourself, what kind of nut gives CG a loan (probably for $300,000) and in return wants $300,000 + interest in proceeds from Route 666, Ruse, and Sojourn? Ruse and Route 666 aren't being published, so what revenue?

Here is where it gets interesting. If this is the same Dee Gee Entertainment that I am familiar with, they produce relatively low budget movies. So going out on a limb, I'd say they plan on producing low budget films of Ruse and Sojourn (thus the interest in all things deriving from those two), and perhaps a Route 666 film if the other two do well.

So far they have films like Ricochet River, Hostile Intent, Simple Justice, The Wedding Planner (hey, I'd consider this a real movie!), and currently, The Yank. You can find more info on all these films at .

So I guess the ladies of Dee Gee weren't too happy about American Power and made sure CG pulled the plug. So obviously they have some control over the company that they also purchased with their money.

If true, this would be pretty funny.  I'm trying to imagine who they'd cast as Arwyn in the low-budget version of Sojourn.
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