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Friday, June 04, 2004
  Friday Free-For-All
Yes, I know everyone else linked to this Fortune magazine profile on Tokyopop's Stuart Levy long ago, but this part really jumped out at me:
During production, every piece of information about the books is on an online database that allows employees in Tokyo and the U.S. to get instantaneously updated information about anything, from how far along the translation is to whether the graphics have been scanned.
As someone who works in QA, I found this fascinating.  I wonder if other comic publishers have anything similar to this?  For some reason, I highly doubt it.  Sounds like Tokyopop is running a really smart, streamlined operation.

Zombies!!  Finally got around to reading The Walking Dead, thanks to Image's smart decision to collect the first six issues quickly in an inexpensive trade.  Overall, I really enjoyed this book.  There were a couple spots where characterization or dialogue didn't ring true for me (mostly with Shane, Rick's fellow cop buddy), but then again I've never been involved in a massive zombie infestation, so who knows how people would really react in such a situation.  (I probably also tend to over-estimate how rational people are.  I blame my years as a philosophy major where we were directed again and again to consider what "an ideally rational agent" would do.)  Reflecting on the Grotesque Rampage "What is Horror?" thread, I would definitely consider Walking Dead an example of the genre.  I guess my definition of horror would tend to be results-oriented, much like Mr. Maxwell's:  Horror is that which which attempts to elicit fear or dread in its audience.  Reading Walking Dead definitely caused sensations of dread, but most of my apprehension centered around the human cast and what they might do to each other when stressed and strained to their limits.  (I wonder if Battle Royale should be considered a horror book for similar reasons?)

More zombies!!  Following Shawn Hoke's recommendation (not a permalink), I've ordered Bogus Dead, an alt-comix anthology focusing on zombies.  Shawn's descriptions of the stories make them sound very entertaining, so I plunked down $10 via PayPal on the website of Jerome Gaynor, publisher and editor of the book.  And that ten bucks covered everything, including shipping.  Quite a bargain for a 144-page book.  (I also picked up Flying Saucer Attack, an 80-page sci-fi anthology, for just six bucks, shipping included.)
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