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Thursday, June 03, 2004
  Mercenary Musings
Marvel's launching a new Black Widow series.  Ordinarily this would be occasion for gleeful snark, but Bill Seinkiewicz is going to be the artist.  Bill Seinkiewicz!!  I have no idea who the writer is (Richard K. Morgan, described by Newsarama as "a successful novelist primarily in the 'future noir' genre," whatever that is), but I might just check this out (assuming it's reasonably priced) for Seinkiewicz's art alone.  (I really am becoming one of "those" comic fans:  First I continue to buy The Moth even though the stories are pretty painful, now this.)  My only complaint is that Seinkiewicz isn't handling the covers for this series.  That honor goes to Greg Land.  Yeah, I realize Land is probably more of a draw than Seinkiewicz, especially with fanboys who like traced images from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but I'm guessing Seinkiewicz's covers would have been much more interesting than Land's bland girlie pinups.

I would love to join in the discussion/debate raging over Demo #6 but my online retailer forgot to include it in this month's shipment.  Which means I'll either have to track it down locally or wait til next month's shipment to read it.  Grrr!  But I'm sure everyone will still be interested in discussing this issue come July, right?  Right??

Speaking of my monthly shipment, so far my favorite book has been the Hsu and Chan TPB, a comedy series featuring two video game designers who spend more time fighting the demon hordes of Hell and other assorted enemies than designing actual video games.  I don't have the book with me, so I can't quote some of the best lines, but this is a damned funny book.  Recommended for fans of Street Angel, Goon, and anything from Evan Dorkin.  Maybe I'll write more about it later, but for now go here and here to sample some of the madcap humor.

My preorder for June is already looking huge.  There are several collections I'm looking forward to, such as the giant Bone trade, Essential Iron Fist, the second Jack Staff trade, Locas: A Love & Rockets Book, and the final New X-Men hardcover.  It's going to be an expensive month.  Time to get cracking on those eBay auctions once again!

The Pulse has the press release announcing DC's collected editions for the rest of the year.  The item I'm most excited about?  SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF TOMORROW ARCHIVES.  Why?  Just look at those creator credits!  Writers: Otto Binder, Jerry Coleman; Artists: Wayne Boring, Al Plastino, Kurt Schaffenberger.  More Silver Age madness, baby!!  (I'm also glad I waited for the trade on the Alan Davis Another Nail mini:  The individual issues would have set me back $18 but the trade only costs $12.95.  If only I'd had confidence that DC would collect My Faith In Frankie:  I could have saved another five bucks!!)
Like Unto A Thing Of Irony!

Iron Fist

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