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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
  The Tortured Manga/Western Comics Connection
Many others have already picked out their favorite lines from Grant Morrison's latest interview, but for me the money quote was this [emphasis mine]:
The threat is multi-fold in “Island of the Mighty,” using the supercompressed Western manga style I’m trying to develop - mad flesh-eating Gorilla Grodd has hijacked Superbia, the floating city of the Ultramarine corps and plans on using the captured heroes as unstoppable terror weapons in a war against civilization. To do this he enlists the aid of a cosmic monster - a killer of superheroes named Neh-Buh-Loh the Hunter, who ties directly into the upcoming Seven Soldiers stuff...and finally there's Black Hand, the old Green Lantern villain, who's invaded an experimental micro universe very much like our own, where superheroes don't exist and he's the only supervillain. It all happens very fast and very hard and leaves lots of damage.
Grant Morrison Gets It.

In other manga/Western comics crossover news, "Your Manga Minute" columnist Troy Brownfield apparently Doesn't Get It when he considers why some fans might not like Identity Crisis.  Now in fairness to Troy, I should note that the closest he gets to naming any specific source he's responding to is when he refers to "several ill-conceived posts on the DC message boards," so perhaps Troy's weak rejoinders are a result of only considering weak arguments.  That said, I think Troy's column would have been much stronger had he attempted to address more sophisticated criticisms of Identity Crisis.  (For additional criticism of Troy's piece, see David Welsh's thoughts here.)

Finally, in news that's difficult to fit into this post's manga/Western comics rubric, Broken Frontier columnist Matt Maxwell has joined the comics blogosphere with Highway 62!  I think the fact that comic columnists are taking on blogs in addition to their regular writing responsibilities is a sure sign that the comics blogosphere is reaching critical mass.  When Augie De Blieck starts his own comic blog, I'll really be worried.  Anyway, Matt's wondering what he'll write about without cannibalizing column topics for "Full Bleed," so I'll offer a suggestion:  Once I send you the second volume of GYO, blog your thoughts on how the story would have different if Ito had used birds instead of fish, had set the whole story in a quiet American coastal town, and had cast Tippi Hedren as the lead.  Discuss!
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