Grotesque Anatomy
Friday, October 31, 2003
  Blogs Run Amuck!!
Just as Matt Brady speaks out against the dangers of rampant blogging, several more comic-focused bloggers spring up, as if to cruelly mock the venerated newshound:  Kevin Melrose, Rick Geerling, and Ron Phillips.  They're all fairly new, but they look pretty strong so far.  Welcome to the ever-growing club of those who wouldn't listen to the voices, guys.  (Links via poking around Grim's Fanboy Rampage!!)

Also added a link to a site I hadn't run across before -- Diverging Comics, whose Mission Statement (a site with a Mission Statement?  I'm having flashbacks to bad "brainstorming sessions" for various college volunteer groups) is to champion the issues of Diversity of Genre, Comics as Art, Public Perception, and Gender Balance as they pertain to comics.  All issues worth tackling, and a snazzy site design to boot.  (Link via Thought Balloons.)
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