Grotesque Anatomy
Monday, October 27, 2003
  Return of the Patron Saint of Grotesque Anatomy
Now I know how late-night comics must have felt when Schwarzenegger announced he was joining the recall race for California's governorship.  From today's Lying in the Gutters:
I also hear that Rob Liefeld is to take full creative reins on a new "X-Force" title, as Marvel outsource the entire creative and editorial responsibilities on the book to him. Liefeld will also be responsible for producing a range of one-shots and mini-series associated with the project. Expect the return of a number of his New Mutants and X-Force characters. Liefeld declined to comment.
Yeah, because the last time Marvel outsourced a comic to Liefeld that went swimmingly.  Either way this is great news for me:  Either Liefeld will make excuses for missed deadlines, thereby providing material for mockery; or Liefeld will produce actual artwork, thereby providing material for mockery:


Grotesque genius.
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Iron Fist

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