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Thursday, November 13, 2003
  Manga Marches On
Dirk Deppey comments on ICv2's news that the ninth issue of Shonen Jump cracked half a million copies in sales.   As ICv2 notes in the piece, that issue contained a CD-ROM demo for a Yu-Gi-Oh! PC-based video game, so I could already hear detractors saying that these numbers "didn't count."  (Never mind that Shonen Jump's regular sales have skyrocketed 60% from 190,000 to 305,000.)  Luckily, someone else anticipated the naysayers and had a response ready:
Just to head off the usual naysayers: Yes, newsstand-sold magazines are returnable. But if the orders are going UP, there's a fair chance not much is being returned, yes? And yes, #9 sold half a million because of special promotion and a CD, not on the sheer artistic merits of the comics within. Guess what. That's how people do business in the adult world. Cope.
(Thanks to Graeme McMillan for reproducing Warren Ellis' observations.)

And Newsarama ran a press release from Viz detailing their plans for the "First Anniversary Issue" (i.e., #13) of Shonen Jump.  I'm starting to reconsider my decision not to renew my subscription...

Meanwhile, another anthology from a different publisher may never even see its first issue reach publication.
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