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Wednesday, December 31, 2003
  Spiffy "New" Site
Check out the newly-redesigned Comic World News:  It's a site I occasionally visited in the past, mainly for a couple of their columnists (including Rich Watson, who doesn't appear to have made the move to the site's new look, but his "A View From The Cheap Seats" column can still be found at the horrible-to-navigate, extremely ad-heavy UGO (never has an acronym been more appropriate), as well as several other sites, apparently).  CWN suffered from sporadic updates (something I can certainly sympathize with), but from the looks of their line-up of features and columnists (including upcoming "name" contributors Richard Starkings and Larry Young) they should have plenty of material to keep things fresh.  And the proposal to offer a "60/40 I/SP [Independent/Small Press] focus" sounds smart:  As CWN's Editor-in-Chief Dan Wickline says, "the best chance you have of getting them [mainstream readers] to look at the Indy titles they might not otherwise seek out" is by offering some familiar content to lure fanboys in.  I'll be curious to see if CWN can maintain that balance, as well as what they consider "Independent/Small Press."  (There's a fun classification to argue over.)

Best of luck to CWN on the revamp, congrats on the corporate sponsorship (as part of Comicraft's Active Image network), and a big thanks to Ed Cunard for the heads-up!
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