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Friday, December 19, 2003
  Manga Reviews for the Initiated
Here's a blogger who's reviewing manga from a more informed perspective than mine:  Mitch H. reviews Dark Horse's Hellsing.  (And in a similar-but-reversed vein of complaint, I note that Mitch's review isn't very useful for me, a manga newbie, since it doesn't tell me much about the manga itself.  But the review may be useful for fans wondering how the manga compares to the anime.)

EDITED TO ADD:  Mitch has since upgraded his review to include more background information on the Hellsing series.  (I'd like to clarify that I wasn't trying to press Mitch to flesh out his review.  I was just trying to make a point about different reviews being useful for different audiences.  But I do appreciate his adding more info about the series -- it definitely makes me more interested in checking out the manga now.  It also makes me realize how often I "review" something without recapping the basic plot for readers who might be unfamiliar with the work.)
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